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    McMullen County is located in southern Texas surrounded by Atascosa, Live Oak, Duval, and La Salle counties. McMullen County lies southeast of San Antonio and is one of the least populous counties in the state
    (population: 804) but is still the richest county in America.

    McMullen’s wealth comes thanks to the controversial practice of oil and gas fracking, which is prohibited in a couple of states and limited in others but is welcome in Texas. The county is home to the U.S.’s most productive shale gas deposit.

    The oil and gas industries are the principal industries, where McMullen County Title & Abstract Company is actively providing professional Title Evidence & Examinations.

    McMullen County Title & Abstract Company is a locally owned and operated Direct Title Agent serving 86 counties in Texas. McMullen County Title & Abstract Company opened its doors in 1830 and was acquired by
    Texas Lone Star Title, LLC in 2019.

    Team McMullen

    Elisa Garcia - Escrow Assistant at Guaranty Title

    Michael Neuman

    CEO & Founder – Austin Corporate Office

    Tel: 512-740-7615
    Fax: 512-258-7600
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    Mark Dietz - Controller at Texas Lone Star Title

    Nick Neuman

    Chief Operating Officer/ Escrow Officer/Examiner – Austin Corporate Office

    Tel: 512-300-0256
    Fax: 512-258-7600
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    Why is a title search so important before purchasing a new home?

    Before purchasing your new home you need to make sure the house you intend to buy has clean title, meaning it is clear of judgements and liens. This also shows that the seller is the rightful owner and you are not purchasing a house belonging to somebody else.

    How long does a title search take?

    A complete title search and examination often takes 3 -7 days.

    What information do you need from me in order to get started?

    To get started with a title search we need the contact info to you and the seller, the address and survey of the property, and a signed sales purchase contract.

    How often do you find liens and judgements on a title?

    Unfortunately, we find liens and judgements on the title to a property very often. This is why you need to do a title search before purchasing any property. If not, It can be a costly experience. The title company is here to help clearing the judgements/liens before the title is transferred to the new owner.

    Can I do a title search on my own?

    Yes, you can do your own title search, but it is a time consuming process with several steps and you risk making mistakes with not discovering possible liens and judgements. It is well worth the money to hire a professional title company to do this for you.

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