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Guaranty Title & Abstract Company

Welcome to Our Office in Alice

Guaranty Title & Abstract Company – Alice is serving the area since 1945 – Duval County, Jim Wells, Maverick, McMullen, Starr and Nueces. We are a title and closing company providing title insurance and real estate closing services to Realtors, builders, lenders and the general public.

Our team also handles commercial and residential farms and ranches, as well as oil, gas and wind farms. We offer the personalized service you would need to ensure you have the efficient, timely and pleasant settlement you deserve.

We will work with your Realtor and mortgage company to make sure the title to your real estate is free from any claims affecting your ownership. Guaranty Title & Abstract Company can protect you and your residence from losses incurred such as judgments, documents misplaced in courthouses, boundary line disputes, unpaid taxes and other frauds. We do an exhaustive search of the title to ensure your peaceful enjoyment of your property.

“At Guaranty Title & Abstract Company, we stand behind you.”

Guaranty Title & Abstract Company in Alice

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Guaranty Title & Abstract Company in Alice

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Frequently Asked Questions

Qustion: Why is a title search so important before purchasing a new home?

Answer: Before purchasing your new home you need to make sure the house you intend to buy has clean title, meaning it is clear of judgements and liens. This also shows that the seller is the rightful owner and you are not purchasing a house belonging to somebody else.

Qustion: How long does a title search take?

Answer: A complete title search and examination often takes 3 -7 days.

Qustion: What information do you need from me in order to get started?

To get started with a title search we need the contact info to you and the seller, the address and survey of the property, and a signed sales purchase contract.

Qustion: How often do you find liens and judgements on a title?

Unfortunately, we find liens and judgements on the title to a property very often. This is why you need to do a title search before purchasing any property. If not, It can be a costly experience. The title company is here to help clearing the judgements/liens before the title is transferred to the new owner.

Qustion: Can I do a title search on my own?

Yes, you can do your own title search, but it is a time consuming process with several steps and you risk making mistakes with not discovering possible liens and judgements. It is well worth the money to hire a professional title company to do this for you.


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